Nov. 11 Board email to all teams:

To: CALTA Captains and Co-captains
From: The CALTA Board
The Board met this past week and discussed the subject of the temporary "no forfeit" rule with which we started the season.  The July 15 email from the Board had stated that as the season progresses, the Board would monitor the situation and adjust our guidelines if warranted.  Although the virus uncertainty remains, it is clear that our members are playing enthusiastically.  Courts not played -- for whatever reason -- have been miminal.  The Board feels that we should resume our normal rule of forfeit for a no-show court. 
Our review of the results page for each division indicates that to date the very few "unplayed courts" under our temporary rule do not appear to have had an unfair impact on the rankings within each division.  Reflecting the different sizes of our divisions, at the end of the season awards will be given to the top two teams in Division 1, the top three teams in Divisions 2 and 5, and the top four teams in Divisions 3 and 4.  Towards the end of our season, if a team feels that its ranking was unfairly affected by a court not played under our temporary rule, the Board may request that an unplayed court be made up. 
The change back to our normal rule will take effect on December 1-- and will also apply to any past matches that have been rescheduled for play on or after that date.  As in past years, matches officially rescheduled (per our Rule XII) will be noted with an asterisk in the website results pages.
If anyone has a question about how a specific match should be handled, please consult with your Division Coordinator.
With thanks to you all, our captains and co-captains, for managing so efficiently and safely during this unusal uncertain time!