Coordinators' Responsibilities

Board Member: 

The coordinator must be able to attend Board meetings and serve as a voting member of the CALTA Board.


Roster Compliance:

The rosters submitted on-line by the team captains are handled by an external form processor, which forwards the rosters to CALTA's webmaster.  The CALTA webmaster will use the submitted rosters to create the roster lists in the website  -- and she will organize the mailing of bag tags to new members as requested in the submission form.   Throughout the season the division coordinator will periodically check the line-ups on the match score sheets to check compliance with the team rosters listed in the website (but it remains the responsibility of each captain to ensure that her on-line roster is complete and accurate and that every player in a match line-up is listed in the website). 


Division Scorekeeper:  

The coordinator will serve as scorekeeper for her division.   She will receive the Total Points by e-mail or text from her division's captains and will forward them to the CALTA website scorekeeper.  She will receive the score sheets from the captains per the instructions on her division's score sheet.  She should ensure that all score sheets are received on a timely basis from the home captains.    If they are not received on time, the coordinator should contact the captain of the home team; if there is a make-up, the coordinator should note the rescheduled date on her master schedule.  

Throughout the season, the scorekeeper  should check that the division results shown in the website agree with her records.


Annual Luncheon:

The coordinator will participate in plans for the annual luncheon in May and will be asked to involve some of her team members in preparations if required. She should ensure that members of her team are available to help on luncheon set-up day if needed. 



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