CALTA Grievance - Information Required

Send all the following information in an e-mail to your division coordinator. 

Initial filing of grievance must be received by the division coordinator within one week following the date of the incident. 
Upon receipt of all information requested, the Board will appoint a representative to communicate with all parties involved.
She will ask them to submit responses within one week, if appropriate. 
Upon receipt of any such response(s), the matter will be reviewed by the full CALTA Board. 
Within two weeks, the parties involved will be informed of the Board's decision.

Today's Date

CALTA Division

Indicate if you are filing a grievance or responding to a grievance.


Date of Match


Location of Match


Home Team & Captain / Player(s) involved

Away Team & Captain / Player(s) involved

Include Phone Number(s), e-mail address(es), team(s) for all individuals involved.

Witness(es) if any -- include full name and team or, if not a CALTA member, name, address, phone no.

Include full description of incident.