RSVP Form for 2019 CALTA Luncheon


Print this form and 
no later than Thursday, April 11
mail the completed form and one team check payable to CALTA to: 

Linda von Grotthuss,  28 Seagrass Lane,  Isle of Palms,  SC 29451


In order to know the number of tables and linens to order,
Omar needs our estimate well in advance of the event date. 
Your prompt reply is much appreciated! 

If you do not have a printer, please send the information requested on the form below with your team check. 


After all the team RSVPs have been received, you will be informed of the final deadline for adding players to your table -- if there is room.  

Note:  Each team no matter how large can be seated at one table using combinations of rectangles for tables larger than 9.  
If you have only a few who can attend, they can be seated with another team if desired. 


Division: 1______        2______        3______       4 _______        5_______   6_______

Team Name & Code (e.g., Snee Farm 3, SNF3): __________________________

Captain Name / Phone / e-mail _____________________________________



Number of players attending _______ x $25 =  $________ total enclosed

                                           Enclose one check payable to CALTA