Rules & Grievance Committee


As stated in article XVI of the CALTA Charter, the Rules & Grievance Committee is responsible for enforcing CALTA regulations, standards of conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship, if necessary.  The Committee is not allowed to change the rules -- only enforce them.  The full Board, including the Division Coordinators, constitutes the CALTA Rules & Grievance Committee -- with each member having a vote. 


A grievance may be filed by any player in CALTA.  She should reference Filing a Grievance on this web site and submit the information requested to her division coordinator no later than one week following the occurrence of the grievance matter.  A representative of the Board, designated by the Board, will immediately communicate with all parties involved and ask them to submit responses within one week, if appropriate.  Upon receipt of any such response(s), she will refer the matter to the full Board.  Within two weeks she will inform in writing all the parties involved of the Board's decision. 








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