Minutes of CALTA Captains' Meeting

Monday, March 26, 2001



At a joint captains' meeting for all three City League divisions (A, B-1, B-2) on April 3, 2000, the captains had voted to form a single league and to change the name from City League to CALTA.  They approved the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee of volunteers who would write a Charter for CALTA and would install a Board of Directors by June 2001.  All those who volunteered were asked to participate.  Twelve accepted:  Delta Amrhein, Mindy Carroll, Phyllis Cohen, Pamela Doggett, Susie Elliott, Mikie Frampton, Elsie Jerozal, Lynne Kavanagh, Lynn McNally, Nancy Pitcairn, Michaelene Sanders and Linda von Grotthuss.  The Committee met regularly beginning May 2000 to draft a Charter and revise the Rules document.

A meeting for all teams was called for Monday, March 26, 2001, to be held at the Charleston County Library on Calhoun St. at 1:00PM.  All team captains, co-captains and potential captains for the following season were invited.  The CALTA Charter, the proposed calendar for 2001-2002, and drafts of the Rules and Captains' Responsibilities had been mailed to all team captains, who were asked to review the materials prior to the March 26 meeting.


The purpose of the March 26, 2001 meeting was to give the Ad Hoc Committee an opportunity to present to the team captains: 1) the completed CALTA Charter; 2) a revised and updated Rules document; 3) various scheduling options -- to be voted on by all captains.  Thirty-eight teams were represented at the meeting.


The meeting was brought to order by Linda von Grotthuss, Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee.  All twelve members of the Committee were present.  38 teams were represented.  It was explained that, with the growth of CALTA (588 members on 48 teams at 17 tennis centers), a formal structure was deemed necessary to manage the league effectively. 


The CALTA Charter, which had been written by the Ad Hoc Committee, was reviewed.  Although a captains' vote was not required, all attending gave unanimous support to the Charter as drafted, including:

    - Mission statement that included support of Junior Girls' tennis in the area

    - Levels of Play: CALTA would not use or refer to USTA/NTRP ratings.  Members would be free to play in any division.  Teams would be reviewed annually for potential movement up or down between divisions, based on performance.   There were questions from the floor about the inequity of higher-level players in a lower division.  The response was that in general things tend to even out and players tend to gravitate to their appropriate level -- and it should be remembered that CALTA is for FUN play!

    - Division Structure: the Board would have final say in order to make the schedule/structure work but would request input from the teams each year.

    - Board of Directors and Committee Chairmen: volunteers were asked for.

    - Grievance process: the need for a Grievance Form and Committee was accepted without discussion.


Calendar:  The approach to the match calendar was discussed.  A hand-out was distributed showing the various options and the impact of division size on the schedule.    The captains were asked to vote on:  1) 9/10 or 13/14 teams;  2) a shorter season; 3) "don't care".   There was a clear mandate for 9/10 or 13/14 teams (only 4 votes for a shorter season).  The option of 11/12 teams was eliminated since it does not work well within the approved CALTA season (2 rounds too short, 3 rounds too long).

The issue of moving the lowest division to Wednesday was raised and discussed but significant objections were raised and it was not approved.


Rules:  All proposed changes and additions to the Rules were read aloud, allowing time between each item for discussion and vote.  A final vote was taken with unanimous approval.


The meeting adjourned at 3:00PM.