CALTA Financial Report
Totals may not add due to rounding.




         CALTA's fiscal year is 6/01-5/31.


per member*
(1,022 season-end)



per member*
(1,009 season-end)

  Opening Balance beginning of season (note a)


   in reserve



    in reserve

   Dues Revenue 






 Total Funds including reserve
    (Opening Balance + Dues Revenue)





    Web Site   1,127  1.10       912  0.90
    Administrative Expenses (note b)   1,364   1.33     1,751  1.74
    Luncheon Subsidy (note c) 23,498 22.99   26,093 25.86
    Awards for Winning Teams   2,087   2.04     2,562   2.54
   Gifts for Each Member  1,890   1.85     3,609  3.58
   Gifts for Captains 2,100 2.05    2,028  2.01
   New Supply CALTA pens           380   0.38

   Junior Recognition Program (note d)      






 Total Uses of Funds    





 End-of-Season Balance (note a)




    in reserve



     in reserve


 *  "Per Member" amounts are calculated using season-end membership (1,022 for 2017-2018 and 1,009 for 2018-2019).

(a) The Board considers it desirable to maintain a reserve for unforeseen expenses -- including the possibility of having to pay for the services of a computer programmer for match scheduling and/or website maintenance (both currently provided at no charge). 
) Administrative Expenses include bank charges, office supplies, printer cartridges, copying, postage, adhesive name tags for luncheon, supplies/mailings for the Junior Recognition Program, fees to State/Federal regulators.   

(c) The cost of food and drinks at the luncheon is only partially funded by cost to attend.  In addition, the subsidy budgeted from dues covers rental charges (room, tables, chairs, audio system), event insurance (liability and cancellation), room and table decorations, gratuities, wrapping/paper supplies and police services.
(d) An amount decided by the Board (currently $3,000) is allocated annually from dues to the Junior Recognition Program.  The total awarded by the program each year (in November) is determined by adding this amount to the funds donated by members at the previous luncheon's fundraiser.